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Techdictionary.org is devoted to a broad coverage of technical terms from the fields of Telecommunication and Energy. Seeing this enterprise as an ongoing project, we hope to be able to cover additional fields in the future. Our content addresses professionals and laymen alike. Technical terminology can help a lot in accurate communication, provided that the same definition is known to all involved. Techdictionary.org would pleased to assist this process by a wealth of quality definitions.

Techdictionary.org is a free online offering of Babylon.com, developer of an translation software. To the benefit of its users Babylon maintains the biggest dictionary and translation platform on the Web: an online database with more than 1400 dictionaries in more than 75 languages.

Techdictionary.org constantly strives to improve its service and content. Please send us your feedback and your suggestions. In case you own a dictionary or glossary related to Energy or Telecommunication, you are welcome to join Babylon’s platform. Please feel free to contact us at: content@techdictionary.org

Several hundreds of private glossary and dictionary builders have already contributed their reference works to Babylon’s database of dictionaries. By doing so the find satisfaction in sharing information. These contributors either hold the copyright of the content or must have obtained reprint permission of the copyright holder. Babylon.com respects the intellectual property and copyrights of others, and we ask our private contributors to adapt the same view. If you believe that your copyrights or your intellectual property rights have been violated by any work present on our database please contact us at: content@techdictionary.org

Babylon also offers lookups on many other subjects. Get definitions of technical terms and jargon on Babylon’s Free Dictionary Service. For translations from and to 75 languages consult Babylon’s Free Translation.

Links to external pages on Techdictionary.org are provided only for your convenience. Techdictionary.org is not responsible for the content and services of these external sites.

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